Tech to Us FAQ
Tech to Us is open and fully operational during the Coronavirus outbreak. Our team working safely and securely remote. We are functioning as normal to help current and new customers.


Please note that this FAQ answers questions about our Home Support service plans only. Our Managed IT Services for businesses require us to know much more about your IT needs and use for us to determine how Tech to Us can help your business or organization.

General Home Support Services Information

Where are Tech to Us support technicians located?
Are Tech to Us technicians going to be able to fix my issue or answer my questions effectively?
Are Tech to Us technicians certified?
What brands of products does Tech to Us support?
Can Tech to Us connect to my computer and resolve my problem for me?
How long will it take to resolve my problem?
Will Tech to Us replace parts for my computer or other devices?
Can Tech to Us fix my internet if there is an outage at my Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
Will Tech to Us technicians visit my home?
I have an icon that says 'Tech to Us 800-516-7989'. What is this and can I remove it?
Can Tech to Us access my computer after the remote session has ended?
What are your days and hours of operation?
What countries do you currently provide service to?


Home Support Service Plan Information

What kinds of technology does Tech to Us support for my home?
What type of issues does Tech to Us support?
What operating systems does Tech to Us provide support for?
Is there a limit to the number of devices or issues that I can receive assistance for?
Is every technology problem that I may encounter able to be resolved remotely?


Home Support Billing & Pricing

How much do Tech to Us services cost?
Are there any hidden fees or taxes associated with the cost?
How can I pay for Tech to Us service?
If the technician doesn’t resolve my problem, do I still have to pay?
Do Tech to Us support plans automatically renew?
Will the price of my service ever go up?
Is my personal information, including card information, secure?
How do I update my personal information that is on file, such as credit card, billing information, etc.?
Am I able to cancel my service?
If I cancel my service prior to my next billing date, will Tech to Us provide a prorated refund?
Is there a cancellation fee?
Can I upgrade or downgrade my service?
Can I change the billing date of my service?
Can I put my service on hold if I do not currently have any supported technology?
Can I put my service on hold because I will not be home and won't be using my technology?
I can't afford to pay for my service. What can I do?
How do I cancel my Tech to Us service?
Does Tech to Us make it difficult to cancel service or pressure me into keeping service?
If Tech to Us processes a refund, how long does it take for the funds to be returned me?
Can I cancel Tech to Us service on behalf of a family member, friend or someone else in my company or organization?


Data Backup Service

Does Tech to Us offer data backup services?
Is Tech to Us data backup cloud-based?
Is the data backup secure?
Does the data backup service have the ability to back up data to an external device such as a hard drive or flash drive?
Why is cloud data backup better than traditional data backup methods?
Does the data backup service have the option to backup photos and videos from my mobile device (smartphones and tablets)?
Does the data backup work on multiple devices?
Is the Tech to Us data backup service HIPAA compliant?
If I cancel my data backup service, will my backed up data be lost?